SD 4-H Project Committee Volunteer Interest Form

Starting October 2021, South Dakota 4-H will be restructuring their project committees. Project committees will now be split between event and educational teams. Descriptions will be listed below. Project committee members will be asked to serve on a two-year rotation. In the first year, members will be asked to serve either 1 year or 2 years dependent on personal preference and decision of 4-H professionals. Committee members are able to serve multiple terms. 
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As indicated above, committee's will be split in to educational teams and event teams. Here is some more information on those teams. 
Event Team: Members of the event management team are individuals who can be counted on to show up, assist with event planning, and logistics for any statewide event for that particular project. If requested, these members will also provide feedback and guidance regarding the project area. 
             Idea members for event team: other 4-H professionals, SDSU Staff, industry supporters, non-certified volunteers. 
             Individuals who should not serve on this team: current 4-H members within this project area, parents, guardians. 

Education Team: Members of the education team serve to promote and educate. They encourage participation in the project area, assist in sparking interest among 4-H members, and connecting 4-H members with resources. These members are ideal for county judges, running project clinics, and judging workshops. 
           Ideal members for this team: current 4-H members in the project area, parents, certified volunteers, and industry supporters. 

*Note, some individuals may be interested in serving on both teams, for now we are asking that you select one team preference. 
Please indicate if you would prefer event team or educational team: 
In this first rotation of committee members, would your preference be a one or two year term? 
Please add any additional information for the 4-H Professionals to know. 
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